Dear EP Electric Customer,

凯利Tomblin, williamhilapp威廉希尔, CEOYou may have heard that williamhilapp威廉希尔 (williamhilapp威廉希尔) has filed a “rate case” that may result in rate increases for certain
williamhilapp威廉希尔williamhilapp威廉希尔. We have received many questions about what a rate case is and our reason for filing it. williamhilapp威廉希尔希望
this information helps answer those questions.

A rate case is a regulatory proceeding during which a utility requests a review of its expenses and an adjustment to
customer rates in order to recover costs on investments that have already been made to serve customers. 不像
其他公司, we can’t raise our rates unilaterally even if our costs have gone up and even if we have spent
significant additional funds on serving our customers. To get compensated for those investments, we must make a
regulatory filing to prove those expenditures were reasonable and justified. Texas also requires every electric utility
to file a rate review with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) every four years. 对于williamhilapp威廉希尔,最后的价格

Accordingly, our next rate case had to be submitted in 2021. Rate cases are lengthy processes and the submission is the first step followed by many hearings and discussions. At the center of these discussions will be whether williamhilapp威廉希尔 should be allowed to include the nearly $1 billion spent to upgrade our infrastructure and meet the increasing energy demands in our rates. We are confident that we made these investments to reliably generate and deliver power to your home and business and to position our region well for economic development opportunities. However, the ultimate decision on our rates will be made by our regulators. We would expect that decision to be made by early 2022.

In the last few years, we have –and we hope you have—seen the value of our investments. 例如,当
rest of Texas was without power during the recent winter freeze, we were not. When the rest of Texas was dealing
with curtailments during extreme heat, we were not. We – the customers and the 公司 – benefited greatly
from the investments to weatherize our equipment and develop diverse generation, among other actions. williamhilapp威廉希尔的
responsibility to make sure you are safe and secure with the energy you need for your life and business is
something we take seriously. We work hard to surpass the level of quality and service every year.

Whatever the outcome is, we will continue to provide you the energy needs you have come to expect and deserve.
你可以信赖williamhilapp威廉希尔, every day and in every type of weather, to not only deal with the challenges of today, 但
prepare for the growth of tomorrow.





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